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Fines and Fees



  • $164.00 for all "no court appearance required" violations.

  • $195.00 for conservation violations.

  • $278.50 for court supervision

*If you would like to request supervision, please contact the State's Attorney to make arrangements. 217-773-3364

*As of 2020 may appear tickets that you would like to have court supervision on you do not have to appear in court. But please reach out to the State's Attorney's office. 

To view a list of our civil filing fees, click here.



  • Cash and money order are accepted for payments made in our office. 


  • Personal check and money order are accepted for payments made by mail.


  • If you would like to pay with a credit or debit card, call 1(888)604-7888 or click here.  

  • Our county location code is 8560. There is a fee for this payment method. 

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